11 Amazing Ways to Promote Your business Instagram Account

11 Amazing Ways to Promote Your business Instagram Account

One of the finest free tools for reaching your target market is Instagram, which has millions of daily active users. However, you can’t just jump into a blogging bonanza and hope for the best. Although posting often is essential, your Instagram account should be promoted more comprehensively. The greater the level of brand recognition among users on this platform, the greater the level of trust you may establish. The more successful the rest of your marketing initiatives will be.

Why you should use Instagram to advertise your business

You should advertise your company in general, but for the sake of this article, let’s focus on the benefits of advertising your Instagram business profile in particular. What you can achieve by boosting your Instagram is as follows:

  • Exposure: Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms worldwide.
  • Reach: With 500 million daily active users and 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram ranks third among all social media platforms
  • Reach out to your audience: With a gender ratio of 50.9% female to 49.1% male, Instagram is the most gender-neutral of the social media platforms, making your advertisements effective for reaching both groups in your target audience.
  • Customers: Given Instagram’s massive user base, you may reasonably infer that a sizable portion of your target market is being reached there. And on such a frequently utilized platform, communicating value, gaining trust, and cultivating connections can help you draw in and maintain more consumers.
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1.  Make sure you have a business account on Instagram.

Make sure that your Instagram account is set up as a business profile before you start attracting additional users to it. Switching to a corporate Instagram account is extremely simple if you currently use a personal account for your business. Choose the person symbol from the bottom right corner of your home screen, then click the wheel in the screen’s upper right corner. You may choose “Switch to Business Profile” from the “Options” box that appears after doing this.

2.  Make your presence known.

Make your presence known

If others can’t discover you, you can’t advertise your Instagram account and gain more followers. So, double-check that your profile is visible to the public. Otherwise, your postings can only be seen by people who have previously followed you.

Okay, now that we’ve covered the essentials, let’s talk about adequately marketing your Instagram account without paying any money.

  1. Post on your website (if you have one)

Post on your website (if you have one)

Be sure to include symbols and links to your handles since customers now anticipate seeing social media icons on a company’s website, usually in the footer. You may also wish to have a page where your Instagram feed is embedded if your business relies heavily on graphics (such as before-and-after pictures, stunning landscapes, interior designs, etc.); if you’re a photographer or even a planner with a gallery; or if you have a product feed on Instagram.

  1. Through additional social media

Use other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn as cross-promotional channels for your Instagram account if you have sizable followings or reasonable engagement rates there. You may push the link in your Instagram bio, utilize direct CTAs, or share your most recent Instagram images and videos on those websites. You can get some individuals to follow you on Instagram, as many people are active on more than one social network.

  1. Put engagement first.

Genuine involvement is arguably the greatest strategy to boost your Instagram account. Customers like to feel that their opinions are being heard. Thus, the more you respond to their comments, the more comments, and visibility you will receive. But instead of merely responding to others’ postings, actively like, comment on, and follow back your supporters’ posts. Each of these interactions strengthens your bond with your audience and establishes trust while naturally promoting your Instagram account.

  1. Demanding and distributing user-generated content

User-generated material helps in increasing likes for Instagram engagement and advertising your company at the same time. The material created by consumers is the best type of promotional content available. Additionally, when you share their work, they will republish it for the benefit of their followers, expanding your reach even further.

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7. Interact with Instagram influencers by following them.

Interact with Instagram influencers by following them

Running an influencer partnership may significantly increase your Instagram visibility, but you can also interact with them in a way that helps their company and gives you further exposure. Repost their posts to your Instagram Story or Feed and meaningfully comment on them in a way that adds value to the post or the conversation rather than merely like them. To ensure you are perfectly aligned, take the time to become intimately familiar with an influencer’s brand, audience, and online material.

  1. Post helpful content

This is one of the tried-and-true methods for promoting your Instagram account—or, more accurately, your company as a whole—for free. Users are likelier to follow you if your material is appealing, fascinating, and helpful. Here are some suggestions and ideas for relevant content:

  • The traditional blog post is an Instagram post that links to a blog article after giving its title or a quick synopsis.
  • Extended extract posts: Extract the crucial ideas in bullet form from your best-performing blog pieces and incorporate them in an Instagram post with an appropriate image.
  • Other sources of information: Use charts, graphs, and other eye-catching graphics to present market statistics; credit the source.

9. Post eye-catching, top-notch pictures

This is hardly a revolutionary discovery. Contrary to common assumption, however, creating eye-catching and fascinating photographs for Instagram doesn’t require you to be a professional photographer or own expensive equipment. You can make eye-catching, high-quality photographs using a variety of free photo and video editing tools that are accessible on Instagram and other apps, like Canva or Layout.

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10. Pose inquiries in your posts.


Use polls or captions to pose a topic pertinent to your niche to improve your interaction, get more visibility, and accelerate your Instagram development. Just avoid anything too personal or controversial, as the interaction that results might go south. Instead, consider questions that would be enjoyable to answer or themes that concern your target audience.

11.Post frequently to your Instagram Story.

Instagram Stories are mini-albums for your company and can include images, videos, stickers, polls, and other content. Every 24 hours, the content is refreshed, making it a wonderful area to highlight the more accurate and honest stuff that makes your company more personable. Utilizing Instagram Stories frequently is a strategy for your account to advertise because users like this function. Instagram Stories may be used in a variety of ways.


Promoting your Instagram account may attract a loyal following of customers who will utilize your goods and services and share the word about your company. Through your Instagram marketing approach, this engagement will eventually help you gain more clients’ confidence. The key is to be persistent and patient with your work and material. If you do this, you will eventually be rewarded with a solid social media presence and steady development.

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