3 People Commercial Property Managers Should Have on Speed Dial

If you own a great commercial property, you’ve got a golden ticket in your hands.

The current outlook on commercial property is uncertain, but this is when we see the most opportunities. When the chips are down, there’s only room for improvement.

If you work in commercial property management, there’s plenty of work ahead of you. But to succeed at your job, there are certain other occupations you’ll need on speed dial.

Here’s who commercial property managers need to depend on:

1. Commercial Plumbing Services

When dealing with commercial property you can only depend on high-quality commercial plumbing services.

These plumbing services differ from residential plumbers as they work on complex solutions. They don’t simply fix clogged drains or toilets. They’ll fix the drainage system to prevent future issues.

They’re used to serious issues such as office flooding. They’ll also be available at a moment’s notice and will never be understaffed. Make sure you have them on speed dial and develop a great relationship with them.

2. Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

Sometimes, the company will hire its own in-house cleaning staff to ensure that the office remains clean.

However, you should always have a list of professional commercial cleaning services on speed dial. They’ll ensure that the commercial property remains clean and adheres to local building codes and regulations.

This is especially important in the post-pandemic world we find ourselves in. Many jurisdictions will still require a commercial property to be sanitized to prevent the virus from spreading.

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Professional cleaning services who work with commercial properties know these rules. They’re always the best option than depending on residential housekeepers.

They’ll also know how to clean without disturbing workflow. Sometimes, they’ll clean after hours to avoid any disturbance. Other times, they’ll work during office hours but you won’t notice their presence as they know how to clean without interrupting the staff.

3. Commercial Electrician

Once again, this type of electrician can work on complex problems. Rather than fixing lightbulbs, they’ll know how to repair the entire electrical grid.

They can come at a moment’s notice. Many commercial electricians work 24/7. They can also come after hours if that’s what you prefer.

Most commercial electrician services have a team of electricians on hand. If Bob isn’t available, Bill is happy to help. This is one of the most important services that you’ll need on speed dial.

Commercial electricians can often help fix HVAC units as well. They can also help you install your internet and troubleshoot any issues.

Commercial Property Managers Need Assistance

These are the 3 most important services that commercial property managers depend on.

The first service is commercial plumbing services. They’ll help fix complex issues such as draining and sewage systems.

Professional commercial cleaning services are great for keeping up with building standards. They can work during office hours or after hours if you prefer.

A commercial electrician is perfect for fixing the entire electrical grid. They can also help with internet and HVAC services. 

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