5 Clever Hiding Spots for Spare Keys

Keylocks are one of the most commonly used locking systems in the world. They’re huge in apartment and home security, but what happens when you lose those keys?

Your spare keys are useless when you can’t find them when you need them. Into this common problem steps a range of clever hiding keys spots, helping you to stock up on hidden keys for your own home and apartment.

Keep reading for a few of our favorite tricks.

1. Behind Your Car’s License Plate

Hiding spare keys behind your car’s license plate is an ingenious idea. It can be easily accessed while remaining secure and out of view. It is also an inconspicuous spot that cannot be seen by predators or intruders.

This makes it the perfect hiding spot for your spare key if you are worried about people finding out where it is. You simply remove the license plate and tuck the spare key behind it. 

2. Inside a Brick

One clever hiding spot for spare keys that is often overlooked is inside a brick. To hide a set of keys in a brick all you need to do is remove it, place the keys inside and then replace the brick back in its place amongst the others.

If the brick is part of a wall or structure, it can be hidden behind, under or between other types of brick or other forms of building material. 

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3. Inside a Fake Drain Cap

If you’re looking for a clever spot to hide your home keys, consider using a fake drain cap. Fake drain caps are designed to blend in with a variety of outdoor surfaces, effectively hiding your spare keys away from plain sight.

The lid has a hole in which you can place your key inside and is then closed, allowing your key to staying safe and out of view. 

4. Behind the Door Knocker

Behind the door knocker is an ingenious place to hide a spare key. It can still be easily accessible while still remaining invisible to visitors and passersby.

To hide your key behind the door knocker, simply loosen the screws on the knocker and slide the key in-between the knocker and the door. Once in place, replace the screws and tighten them to keep the key secure. 

5. Inside a Fake Outdoor Socket Cover

Fake outdoor socket covers are a clever way to hide spare keys. An outdoor socket cover is a plastic cover designed to fit over sockets located outside a home, often in the garage.

The cover serves to protect the sockets from the elements and avoid shocks, as well as to create a more aesthetically pleasing look. Removing the cover reveals a void large enough for a key or two to fit inside.

By placing the keys inside the cover, those looking for the spare key are unlikely to notice the hiding spot. 

If, in any case, you lost your keys and these tips didn’t work, contact this residential locksmith service linked here.

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Unassuming Hiding Spots for Spare Keys

Storing spare keys under a doormat or ornament does not guarantee that your key won’t be found. Utilizing a clever hiding spot such as a magnetic key holder, a fake rock, or a weatherproof lockbox helps to ensure that your key is safe.

Try one of these creative key storage solutions today.

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