5 Great Tips to Drink More Water Each Day

Over half the adults in the United States drink below the recommended amount every day. If this is you, you might find yourself dehydrated or suffering from dry skin or other issues. So, what are some tips to drink more water you can follow in your own life?

Below, we list five of the best pieces of advice to push you into drinking more water. As you read each one, try to imagine yourself doing it and find ways to incorporate that habit into your lifestyle.

1. Find Ways to Enjoy the Water

Let’s be honest. Water is boring. There is a reason it sees use in so many recipes instead of other liquids, as it is often close to tasteless.

Instead of plain water, try to think of flavors you enjoy and see if you can apply them to the water instead. Use infusions of fruit or vegetables, such as cucumber, lemon, or strawberries to create a much more enjoyable drink. You can then take in so much more over the day.

Another choice is to try infusions. Not all teas have caffeine, and many are a simple taste change rather than offering any form of herbal remedy. Look into finding warm drinks you enjoy to help you imbibe that much more liquid over the course of the day.

Some people are not fans of tap water and prefer to take in clean drinking water from the ground. If you relate to this, you might want to look into getting a home water well installed in your house instead. If this is an option you want to investigate, find out more here.

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2. Set Drinking Reminders

It can be easy to forget to drink water over the day. Instead of only drinking when you remember, create specific times you drink.

It might be that you have a fifteen-minute timer after which to take a sip of water. Another alternative is to use the Pomodoro technique and use that five-minute break to guzzle down some liquid and refill your glass.

3. Track Your Water Intake

By seeing how much you are taking in over the day, you can start to set goals and limits that will push you to have the right amount in set periods.

Everybody should drink around 11.5-15.5 cups of water every day, though this includes water you might get from other sources such as food.

4. Learn the Benefits

Before you understand the importance of water, it might not make you think you need to do anything of the sort. So, investigate the reasons why drinking is better for you, to motivate you into drinking more water.

5. Ensure Water is More Accessible

If you need to cross the room to get your water, you are unlikely to drink it. Having water in an easily-accessible cup near you might mean you drink much more out of unconscious desire alone.

On top of that, having a straw in the cup, or using a water bottle with an integrated straw, means you do not even need to tip the receptacle.

Make the water as easy as possible to drink, and you will find you drink so much more.

More Tips to Drink More Water

With the above tips to drink more water, you should have the tools you need to create healthy habits in your life. Still, if you want more advice, remember to stop by our site.

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