5 Questions to Ask Your Commercial General Contractor

No matter your organization’s needs, a good general contractor is vital to any construction or renovation project. But not all contractors are created equal.

When hiring a general commercial contractor, knowing what to look for is essential. If you want the best possible outcome for your project, hire the right person for the job.

But how do you choose the right person for your project? How can you be sure you will be satisfied with the outcome?

Learn how to choose the right commercial general contractor.

1. Project Scope & Timeline

Ask about the project timeline and the expected completion date. Ensure that the general contractor has considered any particular factors or complications when assigning the timeline. Ask about the resources and materials needed for the project and determine when the contractor plans to obtain them.

Get a clear idea of the contractor’s approach to the project and ask about any risks or potential changes to the timeline. Finally, ask for a detailed and itemized estimate of costs broken down into different phases.

2. Design & Build Process

When hiring a contractor, ask about their experience level in this design & build process. Ask about their project management capabilities. The contractor should have procedures to effectively manage changes, problems, and delays.

Ask about their resources—do they have enough tools, staff, and time to complete the job on time and within budget? Probe further to learn how they would handle any issues or conflicts that may arise during the job. If you are considering a design and build process for your project, hire commercial remodel contractors.

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3. Insurance & Liability Expectations

Ask if they carry general liability insurance and what their insurance limits are. It is essential to know if the contractor has any additional insurance in case something happens to the building or any of its workers.

Find out if the contractor has a safe workplace and what safety measures are used to protect their workers from harm. Finally, ask if there are any specific subcontractor insurance requirements and what type of indemnification the contractor carries to protect your company.

4. Communication Strategies

Find out what type of communication the contractor utilizes- emails, phone calls, text messages, etc. Ask if they have a preferred method of communication and how quickly they usually respond.

It’s important to ask if they have implemented standards and processes. It is essential to have daily or weekly status updates, track progress and meet timelines and deadlines. 

5. Quality Assurance Practices & Guarantees

Ensure to inquire if they use certified personnel and subcontractors who can vouch for their quality. Ask if they use cutting-edge technology to make sure their projects exceed expectations. If they offer any other satisfaction guarantee, such as free follow-ups or repairs, should a problem occur.

Also, ask how they monitor their employees, tools, and supplies for consistency, safety, and effectiveness. Be sure to inquire about their experience with the regulations and permitting processes.

Hire the Best Commercial General Contractor

When selecting a commercial general contractor, it is vital to ask essential questions to ensure all parties involved are on the same page. Asking the right questions will give you peace of mind that the project will be handled correctly and completed on time. Do your research and ask every question to feel confident about your chosen contractor. 

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