5 Signs You Need To Perform Commercial Window Repair

Did you know that Up to 25% of your heat loss is through inefficient windows?

The windows you choose for your commercial building should align with all of its basic characteristics. However, no matter how high-quality your windows may be, they won’t be completely immune to damage. Whether your windows are old or they’ve sustained collateral damage to the building, they will eventually require commercial window repair.

Is your building in need of some window rehabilitation? If so, take a look at the red flags below to see if any of them pertain to you.

1. Condensation Between the Panes

One of the major signs that commercial window problems are the presence of visible water droplets inside the window. Insulating windows with multiple panes should never cause condensation to form. If it is happening, there is likely a leak or a seal that has become broken or weakened.

Another indication is if the window has a foggy or cloudy appearance, as this is caused by moisture getting into the window’s interior.  Acting fast to repair the problem is important to preserve the integrity of the window and the building.

2. Broken Seals

Broken seals in windows will often appear as noticeable gaps in the window frame or they will let air or water in around the edges of the frame. This can allow dirt and debris to get trapped in the window frame, so it is important to address the broken seal as part of the window repair process.

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Generally, the best solution for fixing broken seals is to replace the window pane or gasket that has been compromised. Doing so will provide a more reliable solution for keeping air and water from entering your building. 

3. Expansive Cracks

Expansive cracks take away from the aesthetic value of the building. They can also weaken the structural integrity and security of the building.

If cracks are large or widespread, it can signal that the glass is weakening and in need of immediate repair. Remember, leaving the cracks unrepaired and unchecked can lead to further damage and compromise the security of your building.

4. Framed Sashes That Won’t Stay Up

If you notice that framed sashes won’t stay up when closed, then it’s definitely time to perform commercial window repair. This is a sign that the balance system within your window needs adjustment to prevent the sash from coming down. An experienced window replacement contractor can inspect and diagnose any problems you may be having with your window and recommend the right action to take.

5. Loose or Corroded Hardware

This will likely manifest in the form of worn, rusted, or missing screws, bolts, nuts, and other components of the window. Loose hardware can be an indicator of a window in need of repair, as it is indicative of wear and tear and a lack of commercial window maintenance.

Furthermore, corroded hardware, while oftentimes difficult to detect, can lead to issues such as leaking or drafts. If left unattended, it can have a damaging effect on the window itself, leading to more costly repairs down the road.

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Know When to Perform a Commercial Window Repair

Commercial window repair can take a lot of time and effort. It plays an important role in the protection of your business. Investment in regular inspection and maintenance of commercial windows can save you the hassle of having to perform costly repairs in the long run.

Don’t wait until the damage is extensive. Contact an experienced and reliable repair company today.

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