8 Qualities of a Excellent Administrative Assistant

8 Qualities of a Excellent Administrative Assistant

So, your small business needs a full-time administrative assistant. How are you supposed to find the right person for the job?

There are skills that the best admins usually have. If you’re looking for someone to fill the job, you should be aware of them. You can ensure that the person you hire is a good fit for your company.

But what are those qualities?

In this post, we’ll explain everything you should know when looking for an administrative assistant. This way, you can hire someone who will last in the position and help your small business run smoothly.

1. Punctuality Is Paramount

By arriving to work on time, administrative assistants can go through their day-to-day tasks and have time to plan. They should be able to manage their time and arrive to work on time. Punctuality shows positive traits such as self-discipline, self-respect, and respect for others’ time.

2. Strong Customer Service and Interpersonal Skills

A great administrative assistant must have exceptional customer service and interpersonal skills. They must be understanding and patient when it comes to dealing with clients or customers. They should be able to handle difficult situations with tact and diplomacy.

3. Detail-Oriented

An excellent administrative assistant pays attention to the small details and ensures tasks are finished correctly. The administrative assistant reads all the paperwork and double-checks it before submitting it. They can understand the need to complete all the paperwork accurately to ensure the best results.

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4. Multitasking Is a Must

Administrative assistants often help with a range of duties. This includes answering phones, planning events, assisting with client requests, organizing meetings, and taking detailed notes during meetings. They should be able to juggle multiple tasks, both big and small, and prioritize them based on importance.

5. Excellent Computer Skills

Having excellent computer skills is one of the good assistant characteristics. They must be proficient in word processing, spreadsheets, and digital communications. It is also a must to be able to manage databases and projects.

They should also have expertise in troubleshooting technical issues. Additionally, they must be knowledgeable in computer networking, data security, and website maintenance. That’s why it would be helpful if an individual had a degree in business technology and administration.

6. Organized

An organized administrative assistant can make a huge difference in any office environment. They de-clutter work spaces, help people stay on task, and ensure deadlines are met. They can also be proactive in anticipating needs.

7. Tenacity and Flexibility

Having a tenacious nature, an admin assistant can take the initiative and complete tasks promptly. This is while exhibiting perseverance and strong attention to detail.

Executive assistant skills also include being flexible when dealing with different tasks. They should also be able to adjust easily to changes in the work environment.

8. Ability to Communicate Effectively

An excellent communicator can listen to others and empathize, while also being able to clearly and tactfully articulate their point of view. This includes being able to communicate both verbally and in written form concisely. They are also able to effectively maintain communication with all stakeholders and to promptly answer any inquiries or requests.

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Being a Great Administrative Assistant

An excellent administrative assistant is incredibly organized, detail-oriented, has strong communication and multitasking skills, and is tech-savvy. They are punctual, tenacious, and able to deal with customers effectively. If you’re looking for an administrative assistant, consider these important qualities to find the right candidate.

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