A Guide to the Different Types of Fireplace Curtains

Are you considering window treatments, such as fireplace curtains, for your home? If so, you’re on the right track! Having them installed in your room can significantly boost your comfort level on those cozy winter nights.

The most common window curtains that people install in their homes are fabric curtains. You have several different fabric choices.

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Pinch Pleat

Fireplace curtain pinch pleats have become very popular recently as they add much more class and style to a home. They are typically hung from the top of the fireplace opening, and they come in many different styles, fabrics, and colors.

Pinch pleat curtains typically feature loops of fabric that tie together at the top and gather in the center, making them a very attractive choice of window treatment for any room.

The curtains usually have thermal backing, which helps to keep the heat in and offers added insulation. When choosing the right pinch pleat curtains for your fireplace, make sure to take into account the decor of the room and the size of the fireplace opening.

Additionally, consider the weight of the fabric you choose, as well as the lining you want. With the right style of pinch pleat curtains, you can add chic elegance to any room.

Goblet Style

A fireplace is the focal point of most living spaces, so it is important to choose the right curtains to enhance its beauty. Goblet-style fireplace curtains are commonly used to add a classic touch of elegance to a fireplace. These curtains are designed in a pleated shape at the top, creating a goblet-like formation, and are typically hung from a rod suspended from the inner side of the fireplace.

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Goblet-style curtains come in a wide variety of fabrics and colors, making it easy to match any décor. You can even consider getting a hanging fireplace screen for a unique and classic look. Goblet-style curtains can also be used in combination with other types of curtains to create an eye-catching contrast.


The mesh fireplace curtain is made from a heavy-duty mesh material that allows air to pass through, reducing the risk of a chimney fire. It is also suitable for combustible walls and is both weather and rust-resistant.

Another choice is the flame retardant curtain, which is UL-listed and is designed to protect your home from sparks and flames. It is also rust-resistant and comes in a variety of sizes.

The tie-top fireplace roller provides an alternative to a standard safety screen by allowing you to easily open and close the fire without having a bulky curtain.

Lastly, the tempered glass curtain offers a contemporary look while providing a barrier between the fire and the home. No matter what your needs, the top has a fireplace curtain that can give you the protection you need.

Ripple Fold

These curtains are made of a semi-transparent fabric panel with a reinforced ripple fold on top and bottom. The fabric billows like ocean waves when opened while keeping any sparks, ashes, and embers from accidentally reaching the floor. 

Each material and color choice gives a unique touch and can help complete the look of the residential fireplace. Additionally, many of the fireplace curtains’ ripple folds are fire-resistant, making them a safer choice against accidental fire starting. With a variety of options available, a fireplace curtain ripple fold can be the perfect addition to any fireplace.

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Depending on the fireplace and style of the room, there are different types of fireplace curtain grommets to choose from. Cable grommets are single lines of steel cables that run through the panels to create a tensioned barrier.

These are suitable for more rustic decor. Chain grommets are a heavier-duty alternative that gives stability. They feature a steel plate with a short chain attached, which is then secured by a single grommet hole.

Rod pocket grommet curtains fit on rods and offer greater flexibility as well as a more finished, tailored look. The most dramatic choice is overlap-style grommet curtains, combining drapes with a snugly-fitting curtain panel. Depending on the desired mood and decor of the room, any of these options can bring a charming, modern element to the hearth.

Box Pleat

A popular style of fireplace curtains is the box pleat which is made up of several long rectangular fabric panels that are arranged in a way that causes the fabric to fold like a fan when the curtains are open. It adds texture and sophistication to the room while helping control airflow while the fire is on.

Box pleat curtains are usually hung on a rod or mounted above the fireplace on the wall or mantle. If you go for a box pleat design, be sure to consider the color and fabric to complement the space. There are many other styles of fireplace curtains, so do your research and choose the one that works best for you.


The tap-top style curtain is simple to install as it requires only a few basic tools and the guidance of the manufacturer’s instructions.

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When selecting a TabTop curtain for your fireplace, it’s important to choose the one that is the right size for your fireplace. It should be slightly wider than the opening of your fireplace, and the height should match the mantel or other shelf in front of the fireplace.

There are a variety of TabTop styles to choose from, such as metal, mesh, and various colors and patterns. They come in various shades and colors that are perfect for blending into your décor and creating a cozy atmosphere. Fireplace curtains tap-top are ideal for helping to regulate the temperature within your home while adding a bit of style and elegance.

Explore More About Fireplace Curtains

To keep fireplaces safer and use them more efficiently, fireplace curtains are a great and important choice. Fireplace curtains offer great benefits, including sealed temperatures, prevention of sparks, and sleek usability.

They are an easy way to enhance and complete your fireplace, so why not explore more about them and make the right choice for you?

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