The Benefits of Custom Framing

The Benefits of Custom Framing

Were you aware that custom framing impacts increasing the value of your prints? If you aren’t using the custom framing option to enhance your art’s value, then you should be.

There are many benefits to custom framing. Not only does your custom-framed artwork look more attractive, but your custom-framed prints will also have a higher resale value.

Have you been looking for more information about custom framing? If so, then you are in the right place. Keep reading to learn the benefits of having your artwork custom framed.

Offers More Flexibility on the Type of Materials

Custom art framing offers more flexibility on the type of materials due to its personalized process. Custom frame shops will work with the customer on the exact design of their frame. It will match the wood chosen to the interior design or style of the artwork.

There is an infinite way to frame a memorable piece of art. You can choose from antique or reclaimed art frames to modern and minimalist styles.

Another advantage of custom framing is the range of glass and matting options. Customers can choose from archival or museum-grade glass and matting. It offers a broader range of protection from light and dirt.

Custom framing also allows the art to be framed to the desired size. This prevents damage to the artwork while creating a special look.

Custom framing is a great way to restore aging and fragile artwork by using appropriate backing, matting, and framing materials.


Not only can it protect the item from dust, but it will also protect it from damage from things like insects, mold, and UV rays. You can use different mount boards and mats to complement the colors in the piece and make it pop.

The backing piece will add a layer of strength and will act as a barrier from external forces.


Matting provides an extra layer of protection for the artwork. It creates a barrier between the artwork and the glass. It also creates the all-important space between the frame and the art.

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It allows for the frame color to pop around the artwork. Matting can also provide the opportunity to maximize the display of artwork. It can be done with either contrasting or complementary colors.


Custom framing offers significant benefits to individuals who wish to preserve and protect artwork or memorabilia. Custom framing allows an individual to choose the exact size and material for the frame.

It protects the item and provides a tailored solution that enhances the art within. Custom frames add a designer flare and create a perfect match for the artwork or memorabilia.

Antique or Reclaimed

With custom framing, the combination of conservation materials and precision assembly will protect the artwork while displaying it in the perfect setting. Unique “antique-style” frames will add to the originality and charm of a piece. It can be matted and styled to an exact specification.

Custom framing will give an antique or reclaimed artwork the perfect platform to show off its beauty and history.

Modern and Minimalist

Minimalist custom framing will keep a room looking sleek and modern. With custom framing, you can select a thin frame that gives a modern feel and emphasizes the art’s elegance without distracting it. The reduced proportions of the frame draw focus to the artwork with a tidier fixation.

By selecting lighter colors, such as white, grey, or black, you can achieve a minimalist look that will beautifully contrast the other colors in the painting.

Thin frames allow the artwork to be changed without having to take down the whole frame, something especially beneficial in a commercial setting. You can even find the best box frames on this link and get a quote today!

Provides an Attractive Display Solution

Custom framing provides an attractive display solution that allows you to personalize your favorite piece of art or photo. Framing also adds a unique and aesthetically pleasing touch to any room. Through the variety of materials, textures, and shades, a custom frame is an ideal way to show off a prized piece.

You also have the ability to create a frame that matches the decor of your room. Customs are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. With custom framing, you can create a unique and eye-catching display that will draw attention to any artwork or photo.

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Increase the Value of Artwork

Artwork in frames is more attractive than artwork that is not, and this often adds to both aesthetic and financial value. Framed artwork also often looks more professional and credible, boosting value even further. Custom frames can also be more suited to both the artwork they are protecting and the space they will be hung in.

Photographs, prints, and canvas framed with non-reflective glass can also be displayed in better lighting. Custom framing is an excellent way to boost the value of an artwork, both aesthetically and financially.

Long-Term Care and Protection

Custom framing can be an exceptional way to protect valued items with long-term care and protection. It is essential to preserve items and keep them looking like they did the day they were obtained. With custom framing, the artwork is mounted within a barrier of glass to guard against fading.

This is great for any item out on display as it adds another layer of preservation that can last for years. Custom framing offers protection against environmental factors such as humidity, dust, and ultraviolet radiation. It also minimizes air pollution and exposure to harmful chemicals that could damage artwork.

Quality materials are used during the framing process. It will help ensure the item is further safeguarded from the natural elements and exposure to day-to-day life.

Special glazing products are glazes used in custom framing to provide enhanced protection. It will give artworks UltraViolet Protection, Reflection Control, and Heat Strengthening. Such glazing products can block up to 99% of U/V rays as well as reduce visual and thermal glare.

They are also scratch and chip-resistant. This makes them an ideal choice to guard artwork against the elements. The benefit of having special glazing products includes enhanced color reproduction.

It also improves color accuracy and significant color retention over the long term. It significantly increases the lifespan of the framed item.

Breathing New Life Into Old Artwork with Custom Frames

If a piece of artwork is old and worn, custom framing can give it a fresh new look. Other benefits of custom framing include highlighting certain elements, such as small flourishes, text, and different colors, improving the visual appeal of the artwork.

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With the right selection of colors, materials, and textures, custom framing can create a unique and beautiful presentation for any artwork. Custom framing makes it possible to breathe new life into old artwork. It creates a timeless and limited work of art with quality and care.

Offers Multiple Types of Security Measures

Custom framing offers multiple types of security measures that can be beneficial to different types of art. Canvas and paper artwork can be secured behind a viscoelastic dry-mount tissue. It adheres directly to a rigid surface.

It prevents paintings from slumping or shifting over time. This can result in longer-lasting artwork with less need for periodic retouchings.

Many custom framing services offer museum or conservation-grade glass or acrylic materials to protect artwork from dust, moisture, and fading due to UV light exposure.

UV filtering glass and acrylic help keep the artwork in its original pristine condition for many years to come. Custom framing can also provide more rigid support structures, such as Rustigiani and Nielsen metal frames, to further lighten and secure canvas artwork.

Overall, custom framing can provide beneficial security measures that can save money and help artwork last longer throughout the years.

Transform Your Home With Professional Custom Framing Services

Custom framing is an excellent way to transform your home into something special. Not only does it give you an opportunity to choose the perfect framing options that best complement your home decor, but it can also help protect your artwork and documents from damage.

Professional framing services provide many benefits, from longer-lasting materials to fresh designs that can help brighten a room, creating a unique and personal atmosphere for all to enjoy.

In addition to providing greater protection for your artwork, custom framing also can bring out the details and colors of the artwork itself, increasing the overall perception of value.

Custom framing offers a much greater range of options to choose from than standard, off-the-shelf framing. From traditional framing to modern design, there truly is something to fit every taste when it comes to custom framing.

Consider Custom Framing Today

Custom framing provides an excellent way to showcase your artwork and memorabilia professionally. With endless design options to choose from, it is budget-friendly and adds a special touch to any home or workplace. By using custom framing to preserve your items, you will be able to enjoy their beauty and value for years to come.

Get started today and find a professional custom framer near you!

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