Breakdown of Chiropractic Care and Services

A Breakdown of Chiropractic Care and Services to Expect

Understanding the chiropractic services to expect before seeking medical attention is crucial. What you need from the practitioner depends on the nature of your injury and treatment requirements. For this reason, learning about the chiropractic care and services to expect should be a priority. This first-timer’s guide should increase your understanding and make it possible to achieve your objectives.

MRI Scanning

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is vital in providing chiropractic care. You need an MRI scan by the practitioner to get information about your health and the extent of the injury before further action. Scanning gives the chiropractor a clear picture of your musculoskeletal system, making diagnosing and providing credible medical services easy. This is a service to expect after the initial consultation.


As a patient, you might need several types of medical imaging to determine your medical condition and create an avenue for proper chiropractic treatment. According to medical practitioner Brad Kern, medical imaging can range from traditional X-rays to CT scans. However, with the advancement of technology, one can get imaging through radiography. This is a vital medical service that will enable effective chiropractic care.

Therapeutic Exercise

While spinal manipulation is the common chiropractic service to expect, one can benefit immensely from therapeutic exercise. The chiropractor will provide this service to patients that need strengthening exercises to address neck, back, and extreme spinal pains. Through therapeutic exercises, one can prevent muscle deterioration, increase strength and prevent recurring musculoskeletal injuries. You engage in these exercises under the guidance of the chiropractor.

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Spinal Traction

Patients with spinal problems might need spinal traction to heal and recover. In this chiropractic care, the practitioner uses traction devices applied to different areas to achieve the best results. You need effective spinal traction services to reduce pain and nerve root pressure and decompress the disc after vertebrae separation. Ensure you seek an experienced and skilled chiropractor to offer spinal traction services.

Muscle Stimulation

Muscle stimulation is among the crucial services to expect in a chiropractic clinic. One can address pain, reduce inflammation, and treat muscle spasms and atrophy through muscle stimulation. The chiropractor uses light electrical pulses transmitted to specific body areas to achieve the best results. With proper guidance, the patients can heal and recover fast. Consult your doctor before seeking muscle stimulation or other chiropractic services.

Diet and Nutritional Counseling

According to scientific studies, one can address different medical conditions that call for chiropractic care through proper diet and nutritional balance. While the primary role of the practitioner is to provide chiropractic care, you can still benefit from the effective diet and nutritional counseling they offer. Besides addressing musculoskeletal issues, a proper diet will help you handle other serious illnesses, including stroke, heart disease, and cancer. The chiropractor can help you develop a helpful nutritional program and maintain good health.

As you seek effective chiropractic care and services, ensure you have information and proper guidance on what to expect. Navigating the medical system and getting the best from the treatments is possible when you know these services. A good chiropractor should provide some, if not all, of the services explained in this guide.

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