Car Accident Liability

Car Accident Liability: What’s Next if You’re at Fault?

No matter how cautious you are while driving in Vero Beach, a simple distraction can cause a car accident, and you will be at fault. While getting in a road accident is frightening, when the collision is your fault, it can feel even worse. After a crash, there are things you should and not do to protect yourself and your rights. Keep reading to explore what you should do after you cause the untimely Vero Beach car accident.

Inform Your Car Accident Lawyer

The aftermath of a car accident could be challenging to keep track of. If you sustain serious injuries, you have no physical and mental capacity to conduct follow-ups of your case. With this, you must contact your car accident lawyer in Vero Beach for legal advice and assistance. Once you hire a professional attorney, you’ll have nothing to worry about as they take over negotiations and protect your rights.

Check for Injuries

Major car accidents may hurt passengers, drivers, or even pedestrians. Seeking medical services should come first as your top concern. If you can, check if all the people who were in your car are safe. Call an ambulance for instant response and treatment if you notice injuries. On the other hand, some people experience delayed symptoms after the crash, so you should see a physician even if you feel no pain.

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Don’t Negotiate

After the car accident in Vero Beach, the other driver might suggest you pay for the damage without involving the authorities. Do not commit to paying for car repair expenses before the police draft a report and affirm that you caused the accident. Let your insurer do their job in compensating the other drivers as per your insurance coverage.

Call the Police

In Vero Beach, you should contact the nearest police to report a car crash. Police officers help assess the accident damage, determine who is in the wrong, and help save the lives of the affected. The authorities also write an official report regarding the crash that they file for the jurisdiction processes.

Exchange Details With the Other Driver

Instead of discussing the accident with the other driver or road users, you should exchange information regarding the involved parties and their vehicles. Get the vehicle registration details, driver’s number, insurance cards, driver’s license, email address, and insurance policy information. You can also collect personal information from witnesses for evidence provision follow-ups.

Keep a Record of the Accident

One of the top tips for collecting accident details is taking pictures. Use your mobile phone to record the damage extent, the accident scene, the position of your car, and the other vehicle. Also, you can audio-record willing witnesses who have any information on how the accident happened.

Remain Where the Car Accident Occurred

Do not try to flee from the car accident scene even if you failed to observe traffic rules. When you collide with another vehicle, stop and move out of your car and assess the damage you’ve caused. As you wait for the police to arrive, stay calm and approach the next step with integrity. Do not throw words at the other driver; they may use them against you.

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Contact Your Insurer

Most insurance companies in Vero Beach have strict reporting deadlines. The timeframe between when the crash occurs and when you inform them should be as short as possible to avoid compensation denial. Also, the insurance holders need time to evaluate your request and compensate you or other drivers accordingly.

When thinking about what next step to take after a collision in Vero Beach, you must understand that each move you make may favor you or work against you. Therefore, remain calm and make prudent decisions after you are at fault in a car crash. Don’t panic, for all other things will eventually fall into place.

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