How to Get Rid of Mice in the Attic

Have you started to notice little mouse shapes scurrying under your furniture, or have you heard what you think are mice in your attic? If so, having mice in your home is something you want to fix as soon as possible before things get out of control.

Let’s explore the various options available to you so that you can tackle the problem yourself and get rid of mice in the attic and enjoy your home again.

Identify Where the Mice are Entering

To get rid of mice, you need first to identify where they are entering. You can start by looking for droppings on the floor and around the walls of the attic. If you can’t locate them, you can purchase a night light that will attract the mice to their entryway.

Once you identify where the mice are entering, you can perform preventive measures to lock them out. 

Clean and Seal Potential Pathways

Start by cleaning up the area. Remove any clutter, such as old boxes and discarded items, as they could provide shelter for the rodents. Also, inspect the attic and close any potential pathways for the rodents to enter.

Pay special attention to the corners and areas around windows and pipes. Seal any gaps in walls and floors with caulking and steel wool, and make sure to use metal flashing for all entry locations around the ceiling.

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Utilize Traps to Catch the Mice

Traps are a common and effective way to get rid of mice. Mouse traps come in several different types, such as:

  • snap traps
  • bait traps
  • live traps

Snap traps are the most common and recommended type of trap to use. Set the snap traps around entrances, corners, and areas where the mice are known to congregate. Regardless of which trap you choose, be sure to check them regularly and dispose of the dead or captured mice properly.

Use Natural Deterrents to Keep Mice Out

Natural deterrents are a great way to keep mice out of your attic without having to use chemical means. You can use natural deterrents such as peppermint oil to help discourage them from entering. Place a cotton ball soaked in peppermint oil near any possible entry points for the mice, and these odors should be enough to keep them away.

Get Professional Help

The easiest and most effective way is to call a professional rodent control service. Pest control technicians have the knowledge and resources to handle the problem quickly and safely. They will come to your home, inspect the attic, and develop a plan to remove the mice safely and effectively.

Professional pest control services are a great choice for solving a rodent infestation and can give you peace of mind that the problem has been properly removed.

Get Rid of Any Mice in the Attic Today

By using several techniques like traps, exclusion, and repellents, it is possible to get rid of mice in the attic. Use a combination of techniques to help prevent easy entry points and reduce the likelihood of attics becoming an ideal living environment. Take action now, so you can keep your home free of mice. 

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