How to Prepare for Mosquito Season

Did you know there are about 200 species of mosquitoes in the US? As soon as the ground warms up in the spring, most mosquito species are the first to come out of hibernation.

Do you want to know what and how to prepare for the upcoming mosquito season? Indeed, there are lots of unsafe bugs out there. 

Nothing beats the subtle to life-threatening discomfort of getting a bite here and there. But some bugs also come with dangerous diseases, so we tend not to consider preparing when dealing with mosquitoes.

Read on to learn how to prepare for the coming season today.

Create an Environment That Is Less Inviting to Mosquitoes

Ensure all standing water sources are eliminated from the yard to reduce breeding sites. Check items such as tire swings, outdoor furniture, and play equipment for water accumulation.

Trim or remove tall grass or shrubs that may provide shade and moist nesting sites. Clean out gutters and downspouts to avoid the buildup of water. Install window and door screens free of holes and gaps, and use fans to drive away and avoid mosquito bites.

Use Natural Repellants

Citronella, lavender oil, and peppermint oil are a few natural alternatives that you can use. Consider diffusing them around your outdoor areas or using an oil burner.

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You can also apply them to skin or clothing. Try using sprays that contain eucalyptus oil or neem oil

Schedule Regular Outdoor Inspections

During the inspections, look for adult mosquitoes by checking areas where they like to rest, such as shady spots under furniture or hoses. Look for larvae and eggs in standing water, such as puddles, gutters, birdbaths, and ponds.

You can remove mosquitoes with a vacuum, approved sprays, and other methods if you find mosquitoes. Additionally, you should discuss these inspections with your pest control technician. They may have extra resources for control and prevention.

Gather Supplies to Combat Mosquitoes

Having a reliable mosquito coil is essential for keeping them away. Stocking up on insecticides for a more permanent solution is also crucial. That way, you can spray on potential nesting spots around the house or yard to stop them from multiplying. 

Investing in a few bug zappers or mosquito traps can reduce their population. 

Lastly, research to find the best mosquito repellants and treatments. Track what type of mosquitoes are around your home so that you can tailor the supplies to those specific types. Call residential pest control services to mitigate large mosquito swarms. 

Create Breaks in Mosquito Habitats

Mosquitoes aren’t something we can fully control, but there are a few steps you can take to prepare. One way to reduce mosquito populations is to create breaks in their habitats.

Remove any standing water, mow your lawn, and keep bushes and trees trimmed. Additionally, install screens on windows, stock up on mosquito repellent, and invest in mosquito traps.

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Insect repellents with the active ingredients DEET, picaridin, or lemon-eucalyptus can help to reduce the chances of getting bitten. Use a citronella candle or mosquito zappers in your backyard to further reduce their presence at home. 

Use Insecticides Appropriately

Consider the type of environment, buildings, vegetation, and water sources in your area. That way, you can familiarize yourself with the expected mosquito activities. 

Spray the product in areas with standing water and vegetation and around the exterior of buildings or doors and windows where mosquitoes will likely congregate. 

Identify Areas Most Vulnerable to Mosquitos

Mosquito season can be a difficult time of year. The first step is to find areas most vulnerable to mosquitos to make it easier. These include standing water, humid regions, overgrown vegetation, and low drainage areas.

Use repellent to protect yourself, keep the lawn mowed, reduce standing water and vegetation, repair screens, and wear long pants and sleeves. It is also recommended to consider natural mosquito control solutions, like garlic water or mosquito-repelling plants.

Stay away from areas with high populations of mosquitos, like ponds and other bodies of water. Lastly, it is important to check local forecasts and notices. They are often the first to notify of any potential problem areas. 

Incorporate Natural Predators Into Your Landscape

Another best way how to get rid of mosquitoes is to incorporate natural predators into your landscape. You can do this by planting certain types of plants that are attractive to predators. It includes aquatic plants that promote the presence of dragonflies or certain types of trees that act like a home to birds and bats.

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You can also introduce different kinds of fish to your pond or local water source, such as goldfish or guppy fish, to help reduce the number of mosquito larvae. Additionally, you can use beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and dragonflies, to help control the mosquito population. 

Educate Yourself on Mosquito-Borne Diseases

To best prepare and prevent mosquito-borne diseases, it is vital to educate yourself on the different types of mosquitoes and the diseases they typically spread. Understanding the types of environments and conditions mosquitoes breed can help you avoid high-risk areas.

Also, staying informed on the current news surrounding mosquito breeds and diseases in your area is essential. Wear insect repellent and ensure that windows are screened and doors are shut. Regularly check and empty any standing water, such as flower pots and birdbaths, to help cut breeding grounds. 

Learn How to Prepare Better for Mosquito Season With These Tips

Mosquito season does not have to mean months of itchy bites and constant swatting. With proper preparation and maintenance, you can enjoy mosquito-free time outdoors. 

Develop a strategy to track and control your outdoor mosquito population this season. It may make all the difference. 

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