Net Worth of Roche Holdings

Net Worth of Roche Holdings

Introduction & Historical Background of Roche Holdings

Introduction & Historical Background of Roche Holdings
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The net worth of Roche Holdings is determined by its revenue, sales, and assets. The company is organized into two main segments, Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals. The Pharmaceuticals division develops medicines for oncology, infectious diseases, neuroscience, and ophthalmology. The Diagnostics division refers to the development of tests for various diseases, such as HIV. The company was founded in 1896 by Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche. The company is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.

The company is divided into two divisions, Roche Professional Diagnostics and Roche Diabetes Care. The Diagnostics Division consists of five major business areas. The Roche Professional Diagnostics division is based in Rotkreuz, Switzerland and focuses on the needs of hospitals, physicians, and consumers. The Pharmaceuticals Division develops products for research and development. For example, Actimmune is a blood test used to diagnose chronic granulomatosis. Its InterMune unit provides diagnostic kits that can identify a wide variety of pathogens with a single patient sample.

Its two major divisions focus on the development of medicines and diagnostic equipments for medical and research applications. The Diagnostics division has five major business areas. The Professional Diagnostics division is located in Rotkreuz, Switzerland and targets hospitals, researchers, and consumers. Its other products include Actimmune, InterMune, and other biopharmaceuticals. For its diagnostics business, Roche has acquired GenMark Diagnostics and Stratos Genomics. The company plans to use DNA-based sequencing for diagnostic purposes.

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Medical Diagnostics Division

The Medical Diagnostics division focuses on the development of drugs and medical diagnostic devices. It also produces and distributes products for research and clinical use. The company has five primary divisions: Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, and Diagnostics. The Pharmaceuticals Division includes the companies Roche, Chugai, and Diabetes Care. The Pharmaceuticals division develops drugs and diagnostics for patients and physicians. The Diagnosis Division, located in Geneva, is responsible for the development and production of several cancer and neurological disease treatments.

Pharmaceutical Division

In the Pharmaceuticals division, Roche produces reagents and diagnostic equipment. The Diagnostics Division includes the brands Redoxon and Chugai. Its Medical Diagnostics Division comprises four major business areas: Health and Human Nutrition. The Professional Diagnostics division is based in Rotkreuz, Switzerland. Its pharmaceutical products include ophthalmology, infectious diseases, and autoimmune disease. Other businesses include Genentech, Horizon Pharma, and Inflazome.

The pharmaceutical division of the Roche Holdings Group consists of the drug manufacturing division and the Diagnostics Division, which has four divisions that focus on diagnostics. The pharmaceuticals department is the company’s biggest division. Its diversified portfolio also includes a variety of research and development activities. For example, it developed a gene-based test for the detection of hepatitis and HIV. Further, the company has invested in several technologies and has acquired GenMark Diagnostics.


Genentech is a leading pharmaceutical company in the United States. The company has two major divisions, including Diagnostics. The Roche Pharmaceuticals Division consists of the companies Chugai and Roche Pharmaceuticals. The companies are engaged in the development of drugs for many different diseases. Its research and development activities have resulted in more than $1.2 billion in annual revenue. The value of these three businesses has increased over the past decade.

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Products of Roche Holdings

The pharmaceutical division of Roche Holdings is a global healthcare company that is organized into five major business units. The Diagnostics Division includes products for the diagnosis of various diseases. Its diagnostics division comprises of Genentech and Diabetes Care. Its Pharmaceuticals division has four business areas. Its benzodiazepines and hepatitis-infection tests. Its Genetics and Proteomics Division has the ability to sequence DNA in a variety of different ways.

CEO of Roche Holdings – Severin Schwan

CEO of Roche Holdings - Severin Schwan

If you’re interested in becoming the CEO of a major pharmaceutical company, there are many reasons to consider working for the Roche group. Founded in Switzerland in 1993, Roche is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Severin Schwan has been with the company since 1993, starting out as a trainee. In 2008, he was named the company’s CEO. Read on to learn more about his career path and his biggest achievements.

As the CEO of a company, Gregg Alton has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including senior executive positions. He previously served as Gilead’s general counsel and as its chief patient officer. In August of last year, he was named the company’s new Chief Patient Officer. He will succeed Gregg O’Day, who is stepping down from his role as CEO of Roche Pharmaceuticals on December 31. However, he will still be on hand to assist Alton until the end of February 2019.

While Soriot’s new role is a welcome change for the Swiss pharmaceutical giant, he does face challenges in the years to come. Biosimilars that target Roche’s cancer blockbusters continue to eat into European sales, although the company’s new hemophilia A drug Hemlibra and multiple sclerosis treatment Ocrevus have been successful. Still, the looming competition remains a threat to Roche’s profits, which remain flat year over year.

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Net Worth of Roche Holdings

The pharmaceutical division of Roche is composed of three major divisions. The Diagnostics division is the company’s primary product line. Its Diagnostics division comprises of Molecular Diagnostics and Inflazome. It is the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company. Its subsidiaries comprise of the Genentech subsidiary. The net worth of Roche Holdings is currently $324.22B. The Pharmaceuticals Division produces drugs for infectious diseases and ophthalmology. The Research and Development division provides tools and products to researchers. Its subsidiary Actimmune, InterMune, and Horizon Pharma.

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