The Best Television Shows for Kids With Autism

Have you found yourself wondering what kind of television shows kids with autism find entertaining?

As parents, we try to teach our kids to be independent. One way we do this is by letting them spend time watching television shows on their own.

It can be overwhelming to find something they will enjoy watching while they are playing or taking a break from learning. We have to take matters into our own hands and make sure it lines up with what we want.

If you’re wondering what autism-friendly television might look like, keep reading. We have a few suggestions.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

The show is based on the original Mister Rogers Neighborhood. It emphasizes routines, behaviors, and strategies that are beneficial for children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The storylines and characters use age-appropriate themes, characters and topics to explain these concepts.

Character’s voices and tones are calming, and the show’s bright, colorful visuals are visually interesting and inviting. The themes of social and emotional growth reinforces learning and skill building in children with autism and other special needs. 

Caitie’s Classroom

It is an exciting new television show good for autism. It provides an environment of fun and learning where kids on the autism spectrum can be accepted and successful. Every episode features a teacher presenting tricky math problems and science experiments that teach kids math, science, and other basic skills in an interesting and creative way.

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The show also emphasizes teamwork, creative problem-solving, and self-expression. Through games and activities, the show teaches kids communication and social skills that can help them to interact with the world around them. It’s a show that’s sure to entertain and educate.

Bruno Thomas and Friends

Bruno Thomas and Friends is one of the best television shows for kids with autism. It follows the adventures of Bruno Thomas and his friends, who live in a magical world of friendship and understanding. The show features classic Thomas & Friends characters, but with a twist.

Bruno and his friends live in a world of shared awareness and learning, where social cues and interests are explored in a fun and educational setting. Bruno and his friends experience a range of emotions and scenarios, and often their reactions offer important lessons for kids with autism and their families. 

Shows for Kids With Autism

Today, kids with autism have access to a variety of television shows that can provide them with helpful resources. Through careful observation and research, parents can find the best television shows to meet their child’s individual needs. We hope that this article has provided you with a better understanding of what types of shows to look for in order to ensure that your child is getting the best viewing experience possible.

Try some of these various shows out and see how they work for you and your child!

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