Tips for Taking a Passport Photo

Are you planning on traveling overseas soon?

Once you have your passport and are ready to travel, you’ll be taking a passport photo taken as soon as possible. More and more countries prefer digital photos, but you’ll need one of the other as well.

If you’re unsure of how to get your passport photo, be sure to follow this guide. We’ll provide you with some helpful passport photo tips to ensure your picture is good to go.

Choosing the Right Clothes

Wear clothes that are not too bright or too busy, as they can distract from your face in the photograph. Solid colors are the best option, as they do not draw attention away from the face. Women should avoid wearing blouses with low necklines and strapless shirts, as these are not allowed.

Do not wear hats, as they are prohibited in passport pictures, and avoid wearing a lot of jewelry and makeup. Remember, the clothing you wear in your passport picture will be seen by officials, so it’s best to keep it simple.

Finding the Perfect Background

First, always choose a solid, preferably light-colored background behind you. Make sure the color of your clothing does not blend in with the background. Avoid busy patterns and textures, as they can interfere with the accuracy of facial recognition systems.

Make sure the background is free of any distractions, such as furniture, posters, books, and other items. Make sure you have enough space on the sides of your head, as the image has to meet certain criteria with regard to size and appearance. 

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Posing for Your Photo

In taking passport photos, it is important to keep in mind that photos must meet strict standards in order to qualify. Make sure to have a neutral expression on your face, and do not smile. Have your hair, including any head gear you may be wearing, away from the face, and ensure your ears are visible.

Ensure that the lighting and background are both plain and that there is consistent and even brightness throughout the frame. Make sure to keep your chin slightly up and have a straight face, with minimal to no shadows on your face. 

Editing Your Photo

Make sure you have a plain background that is without pattern or texture. Ensure that you have the correct head size and distance from the camera and that your body is positioned correctly.

Finally, when editing the photo, make sure that you correct the colors and the contrasts and ensure that you have a good balance between highlights and shadows. You may use digital passport photos for print in editing your photo.

Submitting Your Passport Photo

Make sure they take passport photos you submit are a true likeness to your present appearance. Accurate color and skin tone should be represented in your photo. Choose a neutral facial expression, as images with a smile or with eyes closed are not accepted. Position your head so that it takes up at least 60 percent of the photo.

Create a blank background of a single, contrasting color, and make sure no shadows are visible. Use a high-definition camera and check to see that the photo meets all of the other necessary requirements.

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Taking a Passport Photo The Right Way

Taking a passport photo can make or break your application. Take time to find a place with the right background, and make sure you look presentable and photogenic. Additionally, follow the guidelines specified by the agency to make sure that your passport arrives without delay. 

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