Website Sessions vs Pageviews: What’s the Difference?

Are you a company owner? Have you always been curious about how many visitors your company receives on a daily/weekly basis? If so, then you probably have heard of pageviews and sessions before.

If you want to get a detailed analysis of your visitors’ activities, you must pay attention to both pageviews and sessions. But what exactly are pageviews and sessions, and what is the difference between sessions vs pageviews? We’re glad you asked!

If you want to learn more about pageviews vs sessions, keep reading. We’ll give you a breakdown of the two so that you know how to better your website’s analytics.

What Are Website Sessions?

Sessions are a feature of many web-based applications that allow users to save state information (sometimes referred to as “session state”) across many requests. A session is like a conversation between the user and the application: the user sends an ask and the application sends a response.

During the conversation, the application might need to remember certain information, such as a user’s preferences or the items in a shopping cart. Sessions allow the application to store and retrieve data related to the current session. Storing data in a session allows the application to support the user’s state without having the user re-enter the same data for each new ask.

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What Are Pageviews?

This term is used to refer to the total number of times that a specific web page has been viewed. Pageviews are important because they are a strong determinant of a website’s success and a record of how much traffic a site is receiving.

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Pageviews can also be analyzed to gain insights into how the target audience is interacting with content, which helps inform decisions to grow a website and its user base. Additionally, competitive intelligence can be collected to compare websites by tracking the number of page views for each website. 

Website Sessions vs. Pageviews: What’s the Difference? 

Website sessions refer to the number of discrete visits to a site. This is tracked by the duration of time, so many pages accessed during a visit are counted as a single session. Pageviews refer to the number of instances a page is viewed — whether it’s the same person viewing many pages or many visitors viewing the same page.

Pageview tracking is a more detailed measure that shows how much of the content is being consumed vs how often the visitors are returning to the website. Website sessions can give insights into how often a visitor returns, how engaged they are when they visit, and how long they spend on the site.

Pageview tracking gives us insights into how much of the content is being seen, which pages are getting the most attention, and which content needs to be improved or changed. 

Sessions vs Pageviews: In Depth

Sessions vs pageviews are two distinct and important measurements for website analytics that can be utilized for each site. Understanding the difference between them can help determine the success of marketing strategies. If needed, consider consulting with an expert to get the most out of website sessions and page views.

Utilizing both of these tools is essential to fully understand a website’s user experience.

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