What Are the Best Types of Fitness Careers?

You’re never more alive than when you can feel your body working. What if working out could be your living?

Nearly 900,000 Americans work in the fitness industry and have made their healthy lifestyle their livelihood. What’s holding you back from literally putting your body to work for you?

Many individuals are unaware of the dozens of fitness careers out there. Don’t let ignorance be the reason you’re stuck in a sedentary desk job, dreaming of the gym. Instead, imagine a future where you spend your days in motion, helping others achieve their goals. 

We’ve created this guide to fitness jobs to get you started. Read on for help choosing a career in the workout industry that is active and satisfying.

Personal Training

Personal trainers work in many fields and settings, from gyms, to athletic facilities, to hospitals. Some trainers are more like motivational coaches, holding clients accountable as they pursue their fitness goals. Others work with medical providers to help individuals recover from illness or injury.

As a personal trainer, you can work for yourself or an organization. For additional credibility, many trainers pursue CPT certification. A certified personal trainer has the education and hands-on experience to serve various clients across industries.

Recreation Therapy

Recreation therapists use sports, athletics, and movements to help vulnerable populations gain confidence. They often work with individuals in recovery from substance abuse disorders, trauma, or certain mental health conditions. Other recreation therapists work with the aging population to help keep them active and healthy.

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Athletes of all ages need enthusiastic, passionate coaches to help them perfect their game. As a coach, you’ll provide mentorship and support to athletes. This is an excellent role for someone capable of micro and macro thinking, who can see individual players and their roles in a larger team. 

Fitness Directing

Fitness directors typically work at gyms or athletic clubs. While administrators might handle the facility’s business aspects, the fitness director handles the rest.

You’ll deal with fitness equipment, including its maintenance and repair. You might develop a calendar of workout classes and supervise the trainers and instructional staff. In certain settings, fitness directors also handle direct sales, including club memberships.


Are you interested in the science behind what keeps bodies running? You might consider a career as a dietician. Dieticians are “food doctors” who evaluate and refine a client’s diet.

Dieticians might work with athletes with specific nutritional needs or patients recovering from illnesses or injuries. 

Workout at Work With These Fitness Careers

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that office work is the only work. Finding a job in the fitness industry is just as rewarding, lucrative, and satisfying as your run-of-the-mill desk gig. These fitness careers will ensure you make a difference every day—without owning a single suit!

You’re officially on your way to discovering a job you’ll love. Check out the rest of the blog for more career and fitness inspiration to keep you moving in the right direction. 

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