What to Expect during an ALTA Land Survey

Did you know that in 2020 there were 5.64 million existing homes sold?

And that’s not even counting people who move to a new location for work and don’t have to purchase a new home. If you’re helping to make such a decision for someone, you have a lot of decisions to make.

One of the most important is the title search and ALTA land survey.

You might think of a land survey as someone walking through the woods with a compass, looking for trees to mark. Today, this information helps ensure that you buy the title to the right land, and it’s just as important as the home inspection.

Keep reading to learn more about the process.

Hiring a Land Surveyor

Preparation is vital if you’re looking to hire an ALTA land surveyor. Before the survey, you should ensure all property boundaries, easements, utility lines, and access points are clearly identified. You should also be aware of any legal limits that must be followed during the survey.

The land surveyor will collect data and take detailed measurements during the survey. This includes taking photographs, visuals, and GPS measurements of existing monuments and boundary lines.

The surveyor will also document the layout of the land and any obstructions. This includes buildings, fences, or trees.

Once all the data is collected, and the survey is complete, the surveyor will provide you with an ALTA Land Survey Report. This report will give you accurate and detailed information to help inform your work.

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Reviewing the Land

An ALTA Land Survey is a detailed assessment of a property’s boundaries and physical features. The survey will provide a legal description of all property lines, landmarks, and boundaries along with topographical and elevation data.

Additionally, important elements like easements, rights of way, improvements, utilities, and zoning will be reviewed. The survey will also identify and map any encroachments or boundary discrepancies that may exist.

The results of an ALTA Land Survey can be used for real estate transactions, boundary disputes, easement determinations, and land development purposes. This is also valuable for design, engineering, and environmental studies.

Check https://altalandsurvey.com/ for a more high-level survey used to provide detailed information about a property or site.

Consider the Costs

ALTA / ACSM land surveys can vary greatly in cost. This depends on the size and complexity of your project.

Typically, a straightforward survey can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. However, more complex projects with a greater number of features or details can range up to $20,000 or more.

Before engaging the services of a land surveyor, ask for a quote that outlines the cost associated with the project. A reputable surveyor will assess the areas of the property that need to be surveyed and estimate the price.

You may also want to inquire about additional ALTA survey costs like permits, soil samples, etc. Ultimately, ask what other services or packages may be available at a discounted rate.

ALTA Land Survey: What to Expect

An ALTA land survey is an intricate and important process.

By working closely with your land surveyor, you will know what to expect and have certain guarantees against any potential problems. It’s important to have a professional surveyor perform this survey to ensure the highest level of accuracy and compliance with regulations.

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Schedule your survey today! Protect your land and give yourself the peace of mind that comes with an ALTA survey.

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