What to Look for When Renting Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Does your cleaning services business need commercial cleaning equipment? I know that it might be easy to think anyone could clean an entire building in no time using complex, expensive machines. The truth is, not everyone knows how to use these machines safely or is health and safety compliant.

So, keep reading to learn how to identify the best machines to rent. Having the right equipment will take your business to the next level!

Assessing Your Cleaning Service Needs

When assessing your cleaning service needs, it is important to look at what type of commercial cleaning equipment for rent will be needed to execute the job properly. Consider the surfaces to be cleaned, such as:

  • carpets
  • hard floors
  • windows

This helps with the selection of a commercial vacuum cleaner, polisher, pressure washer, and scrubbing machine. Consider the size of the space that you usually service and the estimated amount of time the job usually takes. It is important to look for reliable equipment with multiple settings, like adjustable suction power or spray coverage, so that each job can be tailored to the specific cleaning needs.

Analyzing the Reputation of the Vendor

When considering the reputation of the vendor of commercial janitorial cleaning equipment, prioritize those with a proven track record. Check online reviews and ratings to get a sense of the vendor’s customer service and ability to deliver what they promise. Do they provide emergency repair and fast turnaround?

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Ask other businesses in the same industry for their experience with the vendor. Make sure their terms and conditions are clearly spelled out, and their contracts are thorough and detailed, so there are no surprises. Quality, value, and warranty should be considered, as well as convenience and customer service.

Examining the Condition of the Equipment

Check for any damage or wear and tear to the surface area, paying particular attention to the handle and any crevices or cracks. Examine the parts of the piece of equipment. From the cables to the nozzles, make sure these are both undamaged and in good working order.

Any visible signs of rust or dirt are a sign of neglect and should be taken into account when deciding to rent the equipment. Testing the equipment is advised to ensure it is working correctly before usage. Check the suction and water pressure.

Once you are confident that all parts of the equipment are in good condition, you can rest assured knowing the equipment will perform its duties to the highest standard.

Rental Agreement Terms and Costs

Before signing an agreement, research the potential repayment plans, fees, and length of agreements. Get an estimate of the anticipated costs and compare it to other offers. Make sure the supplier is offering a maintenance and repair service for the equipment.

Read through the agreement carefully and note any special conditions that may apply. Lastly, ask about any additional services such as delivery and training. Taking the time to properly research and negotiate rental agreement terms and costs can potentially save money, time, and frustration down the road.

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Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Equipment for Your Needs

The right commercial cleaning equipment can make all the difference when running your business! Look for quality and reliability, as well as additional features that can help increase efficiency. When you find the right machine, a guarantee or warranty can also give you peace of mind.

To get started, contact an equipment rental specialist today and make the best choice for your business!

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