5 Must-Have Work out Accessories That Will Help You on Your Fitness Journey

According to psychologists, about 80% of well-meaning fitness fiends fail to achieve their New Year’s resolution each year. It isn’t because they don’t want to meet their workout goals. Even when folks literally take off running with their resolutions, making it through the long, dark winter with motivation intact feels like an impossible feat.

What if you had a little extra motivation in the form of the latest workout accessories?

We’ve found that the best way to get to the gym is by gearing up. Something as simple as a fun pair of shoelaces can make you excited to slip on your running shoes and hit the treadmill. Do you have workout accessories exciting enough to propel you off the couch?

We’ve gathered our picks for the five best workout accessories for him or her. Browse our favorites below and watch your attitude transform. 

1. Wireless Earbuds

A bulky pair of headphones can be cumbersome if you’re heading out for a run. A high-tech pair of wireless earbuds is a sleek, weightless way to entertain your ears as you take to the trail or the treadmill. We recommend downloading a fun fitness motivation app like Zombies, Run! to secretly gamify your workout.

Are you worried about investing in this tech only to lose one or both of your earbuds? You can get a left airpod pro replacement online, so run on!

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2. An Awesome Waterbottle

Sometimes, getting to the gym requires extra measures, like one of those star charts you had as a kid. Instead, consider one of our favorite workout accessories – a fabulous, colorful water bottle, such as a hydro flask. Whenever you meet a goal, reward yourself and decorate it with a new, fun sticker to show off your personality. 

3. An Antimicrobial Towel

You won’t feel accomplished after your workout if you leave the gym smelling like roadkill. Invest in great antimicrobial and moisture-wicking towels to eliminate foul smells. It’s one of the best mens workout accessories for stylish guys who like to match their towel to their sneakers. 

4. A Great Gym Bag

Packing your bag for the gym is half the battle. When you love your bag, you’ll win the battle before you begin! Choose something with pockets, personality, or both! 

Don’t feel bad about investing in a bag you love. A gym bag makes the perfect overnight bag in a pinch, so you’ll get plenty of use out of it. 

5. New Workout Duds

When you look your best, you’ll be eager to show it off! That begins when you accept your body as-is and plan for positive change. Make sure your workout clothes are in your current size, fit well, and make you feel confident. 

Don’t fall into the trap of buying “aspirational” gym clothes that you’ll “fit into later.” Meet yourself where you are, and you’re far more likely to slip into your gym clothes and slay. 

Work Out Accessories That Will Get You Going

Motivating yourself to hit the gym (or the pavement) can be a struggle, even if you love the way you feel afterward. When you invest in fun and funky work out accessories, you’ll jump at the chance to lace up your sneakers and get moving. Pick up some of our top fitness items and watch your motivation shoot through the roof!

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Fitness is more than a trend—it’s a science. The better you understand how the body works, the more effective your workouts will become. Browse the rest of the blog for more informative posts that can help you plan your ideal fitness routine.

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