A Quick Introduction to Gaming Server Hosting

Gaming has exploded in popularity in recent years, with around 3 billion gamers across the globe. Of course, not all of those gamers are interested in online gaming, but around half of them have subscriptions to gaming services.

Those people are almost certainly playing games online. If you’re talking online gaming for beginners, though, there is no escaping the talk of game server hosting. Ironically, it’s a topic that is just as important to game creators.

Since those servers matter to everyone, keep reading for gaming tips that will help you understand the relationship.

Laggy Play

Virtually every player in the world has, at one time or another, dealt with the problem of laggy play. That is almost always a problem with gaming servers.

In some cases, it’s purely a problem of server load. There are too many players trying to play at the same time. The servers simply cannot support the necessary bandwidth or offer enough processing power to provide seamless play to everyone.

In some cases, though, it’s a problem with the game itself. The game isn’t configured correctly for the server or a bad file made its way into the release.

For gamers, dealing with the problem of laggy play often boils down to avoiding play during peak hours in their country. Steering clear of beta releases and releases for a few days can also limit the problem.

Servers and Game Producers

Many game producers, especially independent game producers, simply release their games on gaming platforms that deal with the servers. They essentially hand off the problem unless a bug crops up.

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Some independent game producers choose to run private game servers. You see this sometimes with game companies that have one game they keep expanding.

This gives them extra control. For example, they can limit gaming options more effectively by, say, limiting the number of beta players.

These companies often invest in their own server hardware to run the games.

Third-Party Servers

For game producers that want the control offered by private servers but not the hassle of maintenance and hardware replacement, there are third-party gaming servers.

These are companies that specialize in gaming servers. You can see an example of this approach with Avorion server hosting. A third-party company, Ale & Forge, provides the hardware to run Avorian for small or large groups.

This frees up gaming companies or independent operators of an Avorian galaxy to focus on game development or gameplay.

Online Server Gaming Tips

Many gaming tips focus on how to play, but where you play is often just as important with online gaming. The servers you use as a player, game producer, or even game host can make or break the experience.

Good servers will provide enough bandwidth and calculation power to let everyone play without pause. They will also support expansions for game producers or let game hosts run seamless instances of a game.

Looking for more information about servers or online gaming? Check out the posts over in our technology section.

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