Is a Disney Vacation Club Membership Worth It?

Did you know that the Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923? Disney World and Disney Land would be built many decades after that. Today, anything to do with the Disney brand is immensely popular. 

But what about a Disney Vacation Club membership? Is this membership worth it for the average person? What is the Disney Vacation Club and what makes it special?

Keep reading and learn more about how it works below.

Is the Disney Vacation Club Worth It?

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) allows you to purchase ownership at a specific Disney property. You can think of it as a vacation timeshare. Once you make this purchase, you can redeem points to stay at your home resort. 

You can gain these points from any Disney resort. You can then apply those points to stay at another resort of your choosing. But the points you earn pile up at a set rate per year. 

The goal of the DVC is to help you save money when you stay at a Disney resort. Over-night stays are famous for being very expensive. Getting a deal with the DVC makes these stays far more affordable. 

You can sometimes enjoy savings of up to 50% of the usual price. The main problem with the DVC is that you can’t enjoy these savings right away. It may take several years before you have enough points to use. 

This can be a problem for average Disney visitors since you need to pay a large amount of money upfront. Each Disney vacation point is a little more than $200. This might not be too much of a problem if you only get a few points. 

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How It Works

The problem is that you have to pay 150 points at minimum to get a Disney timeshare rental. This adds up to $31,050, and you can’t enjoy these points right away. But this total number isn’t static. 

It will change depending on what resort you want to be your home resort. 150 points at some resorts may cost less than a thousand dollars. You also need to pay for this membership per month to keep it active.

Disney Vacation Club benefits include bigger and better rooms and special discounts. 

Buying DVC resale is a good way to save some money while still enjoying everything that Disney has to offer. The DVC may not be for everyone because of its high price. 

If you like Disney but don’t love it, this membership might not be for you. It also isn’t a good choice if you don’t travel very often. But if you are a die-hard Disney fan and regularly go to the resorts, this may be a very good choice for you. 

You could regularly go to the resorts and save money with discounts while doing so. 

Is a Disney Vacation Club Membership Right for You?

A Disney Vacation Club membership may be perfect for you if you love Disney. But if you aren’t a huge Disney fan or travel a lot, this membership may not be a good choice. 

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