French Bulldogs for Sale: 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Puppy

The French bulldog originated in 18th century Britain. Breeders bred bulldogs with smaller dogs to decrease the breed’s aggression. The general public then fell in love with these perfect little lapdogs. 

You will as well. But practice caution if you find French bulldogs for sale. Not every French bulldog puppy for sale is a good choice. 

Read on to learn three tips for choosing the best French bulldog puppies. These tips will help you bring the best little fuzzy companion home. 

1. Learn About the Puppy’s Parents 

What will your French bulldog puppy look like when he or she grows up? The best way to find out is to look at the parents. The puppies should carry most of their mother’s traits. 

See the Parents

Ask the breeders if you can see the puppy’s parents. They should be happy to oblige. If not, they may be hiding something and you should go elsewhere. 

Health Checks 

Expert breeders should have gotten their French bulldogs checked by a vet. Ask to see any vet information the breeder should have. You’ll learn about any health problems your pet may exhibit in the future. 

Parents’ Age 

Are the parents three years old or less? If so, exercise caution. Some genetic health issues may not have presented themselves yet. 

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2. Make Some Health Checks 

Most French bulldog health conditions can only be diagnosed by a professional vet. However, there are some anyone can spot. Perform the following actions when you shop for French bulldog puppies

Check the Eyes 

Check the eyes of the puppies and the parents. If you see any red, consider looking elsewhere. Red eyes can signal a health issue. 

Look in the Mouth 

French bulldog puppies can grow an excessive amount of skin in their mouths. Look inside each puppy’s mouth to check for this condition. 

3. Ask About Puppy Socialization

French bulldog puppies need to be used to humans by the time they’re sold. If not, they may be difficult to train. Check the puppies’ socialization levels with these steps. 

Where the Puppies Live 

Check where the owner keeps the puppies. It’s not a good situation if they’ve been kept in the basement or garage. Puppies can’t get easily socialized this way. 

Handling the Puppies 

You should also ask breeders about how often their French bulldog puppies have been handled. Professional breeders should know that puppies need to be handled often. This will make the puppies trust humans easier. 

French Bulldogs For Sale Plus More 

Now that you’re ready, go on and find those French bulldogs for sale. The best little buddy is out there just waiting for you to take him or her home. Enjoy your new furry friend! 

Also, if you’re getting a dog, you can probably use some tips on how to do so. We’ve got plenty of useful information on pets and animals all over our site. You’ll also find articles about beauty, fashion, entertainment, and more. 

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Check them out! You’re sure to find something that you’ll love! 

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