5 Beginner Kitchen Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you looking to renovate your kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of your home. When you’re looking to renovate it, you’re naturally going to be excited. However, it can be easy to get ahead of yourself and ruin the project.

We want to help you avoid some of the common beginner kitchen renovation mistakes. That way, you can have a smooth renovation!

1. Not Starting With a Budget

One of the biggest mistakes beginner renovators can make is not starting the process with a budget. Without a budget, you’re more likely to overspend on the kitchen renovation project and end up with a kitchen that isn’t what you wanted.

To avoid this mistake, make sure to draw up a budget before you begin shopping for materials. Outline how much you can afford to spend on cabinets, flooring, appliances, countertops, and new kitchen lighting. 

2. Planning Out of Order

Even if you’ve got all of your ducks in a row, you may find yourself having to tear apart work you’ve just completed because you jumped ahead of yourself. Make sure you check off all of the prerequisites before you begin so you can move through the steps in the proper order and don’t find yourself having to take a step back.

Consider a timeline for the project and be sure to take into account how long each step may take. Lastly, always be prepared for the unexpected. No matter how well-planned your project is, things may come up for you that you couldn’t have predicted.

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3. Neglecting Other Details

The most commonly overlooked details that beginners often overlook are plumbing and electrical. It is important to ensure proper venting of all appliances, proper use of electrical outlets, and adequate lighting are installed. Not considering the cabinetry layout is another common beginner mistake.

Measuring and planning out the design should be done ahead of time to avoid costly mistakes. If not done properly, you could end up with inadequate storage or an impractical design. 

4. Not Considering Storage

When renovating your kitchen, one of the most important factors to consider is optimizing kitchen storage space. Not having enough storage may lead to a cluttered kitchen with limited workspace and counter space.

To avoid this common mistake, decide in advance what compartments and cupboards you need, and plan accordingly. You should ensure there’s a place for everything – from food to washing up supplies – and that in the future, you won’t have to cram items into small spaces. 

5. Investing Too Much in Trends

One of the major mistakes to avoid is investing too much in trends. Trends can come and go, which can potentially lower the resale value of your home. Therefore, it’s wise to keep the look timeless and classic.

When selecting furnishings, opt for timeless elegance that won’t seem out of place in any era. When it comes to color and décor, opt for more neutral palettes instead of bright, bold colors.

To make sure all your items last for a long time, focus on quality pieces with a proven track record of durability, such as hardwood floors, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. 

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Learn More About Beginner Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Doing your own kitchen renovation can be a thrilling challenge, but it is important that it is done correctly.

By avoiding common beginner kitchen renovation mistakes, you can save yourself time and money and ensure that your kitchen looks amazing in the end. 

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