How to Achieve a Whimsy Goth Garden Aesthetic

The nomadic Goths of the 300s would have never guessed that their aesthetic would be praised by a culture that didn’t even exist yet. But here we are in the 21st century, where the whimsical gothic style has become a phenomenon among gardeners. It’s time to join in on the fun!

Whimsy goth gardens have a certain je ne sais quoi that makes them so appealing—and that appeal could do wonders for the value of your home. Your spooky garden will be the talk of the whole neighborhood.

If you’re ready to embrace the dark side of horticulture, here’s how to create an eerie flower bed of your own.

Moody Lighting

Mood lighting is a trademark of the whimsical garden style. It sets an ethereal tone to any space.

But what exactly is mood lighting? In short, it’s a way of creating an atmosphere that makes people feel good. Adding distinct types of lighting to your garden can achieve this effect.

For example, candles and lanterns will lend romantic vibes to an outdoor space.

Fairy lights are also great. They come in all shades so your gothic garden can be as colorful or monochromatic as you want.

String lights can help add mystery without being too overpowering. If you want to make your yard look magical, hang them on trees instead of placing them along your garden path.

Embrace the Shade

A garden full of sun-loving flowers looks very whimsical, but not so gothic. So you’ll need some shade-loving plants to give a more authentic feel.

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If you really want your garden to look like a scene from The Addams Family or Beetlejuice, try hostas, ferns, and coral bells.

For an extra-spooky display, add carnivorous plants like Sarracenia, Venus flytraps, and pitcher plants. This will definitely give your goth garden the wow factor you’re looking for.

Add Vines

If you are looking for an especially bizarre plant, consider the moonflower vine. This perennial climbing vine can grow up to 20 feet tall. Its large, showy flowers are beautiful but deadly—a combination that works perfectly with the whimsy goth aesthetic.

Though moonflowers are fairly easy to grow, they need support when grown in pots. You can purchase these acrylic pot sticks for sale to give your vines a convenient place to climb.

Make It Look Rough

Using natural textures in your garden can make it feel like a woodland retreat. Try using lumber, stone, and metal to accomplish this.

To make your garden feel more rustic, employ stone borders between beds. They’ll help define spaces and lend a natural look to the landscape.

You can also incorporate browns and grays into your planters. Add black mulch to your potted plants to intensify the drama.

Achieve the Whimsy Goth Garden of Your Beautiful Nightmares

You don’t have to be a goth to appreciate the whimsy goth garden style. Everyone should experiment with a little darkness in their yards—it’s the perfect way to add some intrigue to your home.

We hope these tips help you achieve the garden of your dreams! But if we missed something important, explore more ways to spice up your property by reading our home improvement section.

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