5 Reasons to Install Bamboo Hardwood Floors in Your Home

Bamboo isn’t technically a type of tree. It’s instead a type of grass. However, the wood that the members of this plant group produce still makes for a perfect building material. 

You can get paper, toothbrushes, instruments, and even hardwood flooring options made from bamboo. But if you need a new hardwood floor, should you get it made from bamboo?

It all depends on your preferences. However, there are plenty of reasons why you should get bamboo hardwood floors. Read on to learn about five of them. 

1. More Eco-Friendly 

All types of plants used to make wood flooring can be regrown. The problem is that hardwood trees take 15 to 30 years to grow to maturity. While they do, they eat up a lot of water and nutrients.

Bamboo grows much faster than these trees. This plant can grow to a usable state in three years at a minimum. This means that it takes far fewer resources to grow these plants.  

2. Reasonable Price 

Bamboo flooring can be more expensive than some other types of flooring. However, it is cheaper than many types of hardwood flooring options. If you want a look and durability comparable to hardwood without the high price, bamboo hardwood floors

Just make sure that you don’t choose bamboo flooring that is too cheap. Such bamboo flooring will likely be of poor quality. 

3. Easy Installation 

Many hardwood floor options aren’t ready for installation when they arrive. Workers often have to sand, stain, finish, and dry the wood before they can install it. This can raise the labor price of the wood to more than you would expect. 

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Luckily for you, bamboo wood flooring arrives from the manufacturer ready to be installed. You’ll save on the installation costs. 

4. Versatile 

The look of cherry or hickory wood may be more suitable for your home decor, but you may want the features of bamboo instead. If so, you’re in luck! Manufacturers can carbonate bamboo and cause it to have darker colors. 

Still, if you prefer your bamboo flooring options to be lighter in color, that’s an option as well. 

5. Easy to Clean 

Finally, it’s very easy to keep bamboo floors well-maintained. You can easily sweep, mop, or vacuum them. If you wish, you can also use the bamboo floor cleaners you can find at grocery stores or supermarkets. 

If you want to keep the floors extremely well-maintained, consider brightening up the floors with a wood polish once in a while. 

Learn More About Bamboo Hardwood Flooring 

In summary, bamboo hardwood flooring is an affordable flooring option that is easy to clean, install and customize. It’s also much better for the environment. If you choose to install bamboo hardwood flooring, you will have made an excellent choice. 

Do you want to learn more about bamboo hardwood flooring and other types of flooring? If so, check out the real estate and home articles we have on this site. You’ll also learn a lot about home decor options if you do. 

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