5 Major Signs of Termites in the Home

Finding signs of termites in the home is enough to strike fear into the hearts of frugal homeowners nationwide. Termites in the home cause an estimated $5 billion in property damage annually in America. To keep your home and bank account intact, you must look for the primary signs of a termite infestation.

Having termites in the home is stressful, especially if you don’t know the proper steps to get rid of termites. Peeling paint and mud tunnels will point you in the right direction to the termite infestation.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learning about the five most prominent signs of termites living in your home. Keep reading to get rid of termites today!

1. Discarded Wings

Winged termites are a major concern if you’re a homeowner with a termite infestation. These swarmers can reproduce, and they choose the spring after the last freeze to start their mating rituals and find a new home. Finding discarded wings is a sign that you need to consider hiring professional help to get rid of termites.

2. Mud Tubes

Mud tubes in your home are another cause for concern if you’re looking for signs of termites. The worst termite species are subterranean termites, and they use mud tubes to move from one place to another since the tube offers greater protection. The mud offers moisture for them as they move from one nest to another or in search of food.

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Look near your home’s foundation if you’re worried you might have a termite infestation. Mud tubes are a sure sign that you need to contact the pest control company linked here.

3. Wood Damage

Wood damage is one of the most obvious signs that you have a termite infestation in your home. The termite eating process starts on the inside of the wood, and they work their way out. If the wood in your home sounds hollow, then it’s likely that your resident termites have made it a recent meal.

4. Peeling Paint

Peeling paint is another sign of termites in your home, though there are two separate culprits at work when you start spotting peeling or bubbling paint on the wood in your home. The best-case scenario is water damage, but it’s more likely that you’re facing a termite infestation.

5. Termite Droppings

Termites need to get rid of bodily waste, and it’s one of the best signs to use if you’re worried you have termites in the home. Termite droppings look like small pellets, and you can find them inside or outside of your home. Look near the foundation of your home for this sign that you need to get rid of termites.

Start Searching for Signs of Termites in Your Home

Looking for signs of termites in your home should start with checking the foundations for mud tunnels and termite droppings. Catching the termite infestation early could save you thousands of dollars, and it’s best to hire a professional service to get rid of termites. Peeling paint and discarded wings are other signs that you have termites in the home.

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