How to Protect Your Phone Screen

Phone screen damaged again?

It’s normal.

So normal, in fact, that 64% of phone users have cracked their screen at least once before. Planned obsolescence has been a thing of the past ever since the “right to repair” became enshrined in law across the globe.

But it’s cheaper to protect your screen from damage in the first place, and in this article, we’re going to show you how.

How to Protect Your Phone Screen From Damage

The first step is one of the most common: Invest in a phone case.

A good phone case will protect your phone screen and make it easier to grip your phone at the same time. The case should be made from quality material, such as silicone or leather, and it should fit snugly around your phone.

If you can, you should buy a case that’s designed for your phone model. Some cases have built-in shock or screen protectors for an added layer of protection.

Treat Your Phone Like It’s Made of Glass

Most screen cracks happen because people drop their phones. A protective case will only go so far – the best way of protecting the screen is to avoid dropping your phone in the first place.

Your phone is fragile.

Many people don’t take its fragility seriously. They’re conveniently sized to fit in our pockets, but sitting with a piece of $1,000 tech in your back pocket is inviting trouble.

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And here’s a tip for those readers who live in Fresno and need quick phone care: You can set up a same-day phone repair online at uBreakiFix with just a few clicks.

Keep Your Phone Away from Heat

Extreme temperatures hurt the life of your phone and damage its screen if they come into contact. Make sure you keep your phone far away from radiators, kitchen stoves, and out of direct sunlight.

Avoid leaving phones in cars, too, as they can get far hotter than you’d think on even a mild day as long as there’s enough sunshine.

Take Extra Care Around Water

Water and electronics mix like fire and paper.

Whether it’s the restrooms or at the pool, beach, or other body of water, taking extra care will help save not only your screen but your phone itself, from damage.

This goes doubly for guys who like to use the restroom standing up. Don’t use your phone at the same time, because all it takes is one brief butterfingered moment to submerge it entirely.

If your phone does get wet, the best thing to do is dry it and switch it off immediately.

Use a Screen Protector

If your phone didn’t come with a screen protector, you should invest in one. They’re thin sheets of plastic that add an extra layer of protection. Look for a protector that’s bubble- and fingerprint-proof to make it practically invisible.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Don’t act carelessly. Treat your phone and your phone screen with care and buy adequate protection before it gets damaged. You’ll save money and extend the life of your phone in the long run.

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