7 Home Pressure Washing Errors and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that dirty pavement can be a fall hazard?

This issue is not only related to fall risks but also to the danger of respiratory problems and microbial growth. Therefore, keeping your home clean could not only improve its value but also your family’s health.

Fortunately, regular home pressure washing will prevent such issues. However, many believe that hiring professional equipment is pretty complicated.

Are you too afraid to hire someone and reduce your home’s value? Do not worry, for today, you will learn about home pressure washing errors. With that knowledge, you will know how to avoid them.

Let’s start!

Spraying at the Wrong Angle

Pressure washing a home can be challenging if these guidelines are not followed correctly. It is important to remember when pressure washing a home, it is necessary to angle the spray correctly. When the spray wand is not angled correctly, it can lead to damage to the home’s siding and windows.

Additionally, it can cause water to seep into trim, nooks, and crannies, creating damage inside the home. To avoid these errors, holding the wand at an angle while pointing the tip of the wand is essential for effective and safe cleaning. This avoids water from being directed toward the house which can cause damage. 

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Not Using Safety Equipment

Home pressure washing is a tricky endeavor. If done incorrectly, it could have serious consequences for the health and safety of everyone involved. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made when pressure washing is not using safety equipment.

Without the proper safety gear, such as protective eye and ear wear, long sleeves and pants, and sturdy non-skid shoes, you could become injured from the high pressure of the water jet, chemicals, and other hazards. Without the right tools for the task at hand, such as a pressure washer and special nozzle.

You run the risk of damaging the surface you are cleaning and risking harm to yourself in the process. If you want to avoid getting injured while doing this job, you can contact a pressure washing company.

Using the Wrong Nozzle

One of the most common home pressure washing errors is the use of the wrong nozzle. A nozzle is an attachment at the end of a wand that produces a concentrated stream of water. Not using the correct nozzle can cause imprecise pressure and risk of damage to the material being cleaned.

Additionally, wrong nozzles can reduce water pressure and result in an unsuccessful job. To avoid this error, you should get to know the different nozzle types available. You should use the nozzle recommended by the manufacturer of your pressure washer and make sure to replace any nozzles if they become clogged or worn. 

Using Too Much Pressure

Home pressure washing for outdoor surfaces can easily become overbearing and destructive if too much pressure is used. Pressure washers can be great tools to make outdoor surfaces look renewed and restored. However, if your pressure washes painted surfaces, it can slash and remove the paint from a home, as well as damage siding and other types of finishes.

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Over-pressuring can also create air pressure on a wall, pushing out doors and windows, and allowing water to enter through the holes that have been created. To ensure a safe and effective pressure washing job on home exteriors, it is important to use the appropriate pressure for the particular surface. 

Not Having the Right Pressure Washing Equipment

One of the most common errors people make when it comes to home pressure washing is not having the right equipment. Pressure washers come in many sizes, shapes, and strengths. This means that the wrong tool can cause damage to your property or fail to deliver the desired outcome.

To ensure your safety and the best results, make sure to purchase a quality pressure washer from a reputable brand and read all the instructions and manufacturer’s labels carefully. There are many types of nozzles available that can help you adjust the water pressure, creating a gentler stream for delicate surfaces. 

Not Protecting Landscaping

Pressure washing can be an effective way of keeping your home exterior looking great, but it’s important to be aware that it can be damaging to landscaping if it’s not done correctly. When using a pressure washer on your home, be sure to protect all landscaping in the vicinity. Remove any fragile plants or flower beds and cover up any hardscaping features like walls or stone patios.

Use a lower pressure setting when working near landscaping and hold the tip of the pressure washer at a greater distance than you might otherwise. Properly protecting landscaping before pressure washing is essential for avoiding long-term damage. You can rip the benefits of pressure washing if it’s properly done.

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Not Testing the Pressure Washer on a Small Area First

When pressure washing the exterior of a home, it is essential to remember to always test the pressure washing machine on a small area first. This is essential to ensure that the pressure isn’t too high and potentially cause damage. Setting the pressure too high can cause damage to the paint or wall cladding.

To ensure the safety of the home, start by testing the pressure washer on a small area of the exterior, such as a windowsill or fence post. This will indicate how much pressure is needed to remove dirt and debris from the surface. It also allows for any adjustments to be made, such as decreasing the amount of pressure being used. 

Be Aware of These Home Pressure Washing Errors

Nobody wants to make mistakes when it comes to pressure washing their home. To avoid costly and time-consuming errors, it’s important to use the proper tools and techniques. Preparing for pressure washing is also important for pressure washing safety.

Following the cleaning instructions on any detergent you use, as well as using a higher-grade pressure washer, will go a long way to help your project be successful. Contact a professional pressure washing company to avoid these home pressure washing errors.

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