A Guide to the Most Popular Funeral Flowers in 2023

In the US, over a million people have died due to Covid-19. With all these people passing away, proper funeral arrangements need to be made.

Some people find it helpful to put together a memorial containing various mementos and tokens of the deceased. One of the best ways to incorporate these items is with the use of funeral flowers.

Knowing the right flowers for funeral arrangements is vital to picking out flower options. Read on and we’ll walk you through the most popular options.

Versatile Roses

Roses continue to be popular, as they can come in a variety of colors, depending on the emotion and mood you want to convey at the funeral service. For a tribute filled with love, pink roses may be placed to express admiration, sympathy, and grace. The white roses symbolize reverence, humility, and innocence—the perfect honor for a beloved individual.

Meanwhile, yellow roses can bring brightness to the service and offer hope. Red roses are another option, offering a beautiful and profound expression of love, respect, and courage.

Regardless of the hue, the soft and delicate petals add a softness to the tribute. It fits the profound emotions of the funeral service and the unique individual being honored.

Lilies as the Popular Option

Lilies have continued to be a trendy choice for funerals and other related ceremonies. Favored for their lovely scent and wide varieties, these flowers represent many values associated with funerals.

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White lilies, in particular, represent peace and signify the transition from life to the afterlife. Funeral goers often give lilies in loving memory of their lost loved ones.

Lilies come in many colors, including yellow, pink, and red, and hybrid varieties that combine two or more colors. These hybrids include the deep, crimson “Bloodshot” and the Techno Lily.

When paired with colorful roses or other white flowers, lilies are guaranteed to bring beauty and life to any memorial service. This is why lilies remain one of the most sought-after and popular funeral flowers of 2023!

Symbols of Love Chrysanthemums

Funerals have become rooted in the symbolism of chrysanthemums, as they have come to represent love and remembrance. They are the most popular choice used in funeral flower arrangements.

They have been trending for quite some time. Their bright and cheerful presence is often seen as a sign of hope and provides a stark contrast to the sadness associated with funerals.

Their delicate petals and a wide variety of shapes and sizes make them versatile enough to stand alone and serve as part of a more complex tribute. They often bring comfort to those mourning the loss of a loved one.

Many believe they hold back the memories of those gone. Chrysanthemums are symbolic of love and are often recognized as the go-to floral accompaniment for funerals.

Daisies for Comfort and Farewells

Daisies are the perfect way to offer comfort to the grieving and to honor the memory of the one that has passed away. Daisies come in a variety of colors and are said to represent comfort, hope, and peace.

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For many funerals, the guests and family of the deceased will choose to send daisies. This is a sign of their being there in spirit and to convey their support and love.

When receiving daisies as part of a funeral arrangement, those mourning can remember the bright, cheerful nature of those that have passed and celebrate their lives. Daisies are an excellent addition to any funeral occasion, offering their calming vibes and bringing a smile to the face of the bereaved.

Carnation for the Sweetness of Memory

Carnations have long been popular for funerals due to their suggestive symbolic meaning and colorful display. Carnations represent the sweetness of memories.

They are often used to commemorate a loved one or remember someone who passed away. In 2023, carnations have only become more popular as a flower choice for funeral services.

The flower’s meaning and beauty make them a timeless classic among those honoring the memory of someone they have lost. The flowers are generally reasonably priced, and their sweet scent lasts throughout services. 

Orchids for a Luxury Tribute 

Orchids have become a staple of luxury tributes in funeral services. Orchids are known for their magnificence and have come to symbolize love, beauty, and strength.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional white cattleyas to delicate and sophisticated phalaenopsis. For bereaved family members, white cymbidium orchids specifically have served an essential role in providing honor and respect to the deceased.

Whether in colorful floral arrangements, mixed sprays, or an ornamental bouquet. Their rare beauty makes them luxurious for honoring a departed loved one.

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These stunning flowers also express both reverence and sorrow. Irrespective of taste and preference, orchids have become the go-to condolence choice for any funeral service in 2023.

The New Favorite Zinnia Flower

In the world of funeral flowers, many popular choices have stayed the same in the decade leading up to 2023. But one flower, in particular, is making waves and is currently the new favorite – the zinnia flower.

Zinnias are cherished due to their ability to provide a bright pop of colors ranging from pink, blue, yellow, white, and more. This flower is perfect for memorials and funerals because it is a reminder that despite sorrow comes beauty and joy.

More and more florists were offering fresh-cut stems and dried and conditioned arrangements that would last several weeks. They have a full, textured look that is perfect for any funeral service or memorial. 

Exploring the Funeral Flowers Option

Funeral flowers are essential when showing your love and support for the bereaved. With such wide varieties available, it can be challenging to know the best options.

This guide offers insight into the top flowers requested most frequently in 2023. Visit your local florist today to learn more about the best options for bringing comfort and beauty to a funeral service.

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