Five Reasons to Move to Lane County Oregon

Moving to a new city or state is a huge decision. You need to make sure that that location is the best choice for you and your family. You may be considering Lane County Oregon, as your next home.

Wondering what it’s like to live in Oregon? There are many reasons why Oregon is one of the most beautiful states in the country. There’s also a lot to offer from a career perspective. If you have family or friends there, you’ll have a support system.

Check out these five reasons to move to Lane County Oregon!

1. The Weather

Lane County, Oregon, has the ideal weather for those looking to escape the heat and don’t mind a bit of rain. Perfectly located in the southern part of the Willamette Valley, Lane County enjoys mild summers and mild winters, with temperatures rarely hitting extremely high or extremely low.

Summer temperatures range from the low seventies to the mid-eighties but never get too hot. Winters are cold but not bitter, with temperatures remaining in the high thirties to the mid-fifties.

2. The Public Schools

Lane County Oregon offers some of the best public schools in the country. Lane County’s public school system is regularly praised for its outstanding accomplishments. It offers a variety of public schools and educational programs, such as career and technical education, to meet the needs of its diverse student population.

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The district also provides a strong academic foundation with rigorous courses and a commitment to student achievement. It also offers tailored programs to students with special needs and gifted children.

3. The Employment

It is an ideal place for job-seekers to consider moving to for a number of reasons. The county’s unemployment rate is significantly lower than that of the rest of the state.

It also has a growing number of new businesses offering a wide range of jobs. The county also has a variety of industries, from agriculture to high-tech, including health care, retail, hospitality, and more. 

4. A Lot of Tourist Attractions

From miles of stunning coastline to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Thor’s Well in Heceta Head, there are extraordinary places to explore. For those who love the outdoors, a variety of recreation options await! Hiking and camping abound from the coast to the Cascades Range and even further inland. Plus, all that fresh air and sunshine won’t require any air conditioning, meaning lower bills! 

5. The Population

Living in Lane County Oregon means you have access to a variety of activities and amenities. It is often referred to as an urban retreat, offering something for everyone. With over 475,000 people living in Lane County, the population is great for finding and making friends and networking for potential job opportunities.

The median age of the population is around 36 years old, and the median income is higher than the U.S. average, making life a bit more affordable. If you want to know more about the best places in Oregon and planning to move to Oregon, you can visit lanecountyhomes.net.

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Knowing the Five Reasons to Move to Lane County Oregon

In conclusion, Lane County Oregon is a perfect place to move. Its diverse population, outdoor recreation, low cost of living, beautiful green spaces, and amazing job opportunities make it an ideal place to call home. It is truly a paradise for anyone looking to make a home.

If you’re considering moving to Lane County Oregon, contact a real estate broker today to start your journey.

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