Top 7 Mistakes with Picking Roofing Contractors and How to Avoid Them

With over 79,600 roofing businesses in the US, it can feel difficult to make a choice. Failing to hire the best roofing company in town could do more harm than good. Their shoddy work could cause your roof to collapse, leading to more expensive repairs.

Before that happens, avoid these mistakes with picking roofing contractors. Instead, use these tips to build a list of options for roofing contractors you can trust.

Read on to start your search today.

1. Not Looking for Experience

While there are almost 80,000 roofing businesses in the industry, some contractors have more experience than others. First, determine how long each roofing company has offered services in the area. Find a business that has run and operated for five or more years.

An experienced team is less likely to make costly mistakes when working on your roof. You’ll feel more confident knowing someone with hands-on experience is making the repairs. Meanwhile, their experience and expertise can ensure a higher standard of services.

Finding an established roofing company will also reduce the likelihood of operational issues. For example, you won’t have to worry about scheduling or billing issues. These businesses tend to use high-quality roofing products, too.

A team with more roof installation experience will also have an easier time answering your questions.

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As you research each company, look into their professional background. Check each company’s website for an About Us page. Visit their Better Business Bureau listing, too.

If you’re struggling to build a list of options for roofing contractors, talk to friends, family members, and neighbors. Ask if they’ve hired a roofing company in the past year. Learn about their hands-on experience as you build a list of referrals. 

2. Never Confirming Paperwork

Prioritize finding roofing companies with the proper certifications and credentials.

First, confirm that the contractor is BBA certified. Determine if they have accreditations from the National Federation of Roofing Contractors or SafeContractors. These certifications are essential in the case of a roof collapse.

Most companies have requirements for contractors regarding their certifications and licensing. If the company isn’t licensed by the relevant authority in your state, don’t hire them. Instead, make sure the team is qualified to do the work you’re hiring them for.

Choosing a certified team will protect you from legal issues down the road.

Check your local government office for information regarding state licensing and certification requirements. 

Determine if the company has an active worker’s compensation and general liability insurance policy, too. If a roofing contractor is hurt on the job, they won’t hold you responsible. If someone damages your roof, you won’t have to pay for repairs.

If their policy isn’t active, remove that company from your list. 

Finding a certified team will also help you feel confident in your choice. 

3. Neglecting to Read Reviews

You can learn more about each roofing contractor on your list by reading online reviews.

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Check the company’s website, BBB listing, and Google Business profile for client reviews. You can also check Yelp and other database websites. Read multiple reviews from each site.

Reading online reviews will help you find a reliable, reputable business. If the company has a number of negative comments on their profiles, remove them from your list. Check for negative comments that repeat between different clients.

Chances are, you’ll experience the same problems if you hire that company. 

4. Not Reviewing Services

Before making any final decisions, review the services each company offers. Most roofing companies offer roof repair and replacement services. Determine if the company specializes in one over the other. 

Make sure the company’s services align with your needs and goals. For example, what type of roof do you have? You might need to look into companies experienced working on shingle versus metal roof systems.

You can learn more by contacting the team at Weatherlock Roof Systems.

5. Neglecting Warranties

Confirm each company on your list offers a complete roofer’s guarantee. What happens if you’re not satisfied with your work? Determine if the team will return to your property to fix the problem.

Choosing a company that offers a warranty will protect your best interests. 

6. Never Discussing Process

When researching each company’s services, look into their process as well.

For example, some companies offer homeowners a view into every step of their roof replacement process. As a result, you’ll have the transparency you need to make a more informed choice. You can feel confident you’re choosing the best roofing services and materials for your project.

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If you need roof repair services, confirm the company won’t place new shingles on your old ones. This shortcut could add weight to your roof, leading to a collapse. 

Determine what the company will do to protect you and your home. Some companies use custom-made netting to protect your landscape and structure from debris. 

Confirm the company will remove materials from your property as well. Determine how they ensure quality control, too. 

7. Not Comparing Prices

Two of the biggest mistakes you can make include failing to set a roofing project budget and neglecting to request multiple quotes.

Requesting multiple quotes will help you gauge the average price of roofing services in town. If one company’s pricing seems extreme, determine why. This step can help you recognize hidden fees before you begin your roofing project.

Compare your options to find a company that suits your budget and needs. Make sure you get a written copy of their quote, which should include labor and material costs.

Dodge Mistakes With Picking Roofing Contractors

These mistakes with picking roofing contractors could cost you more than money. They could cost you time or cause unnecessary stress as well. Instead of making these mistakes, do your due diligence to find a company you can trust.

Start searching for a reliable roofing company today.

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